Student Voice

Student Council

Student voice is central to the ethos of Saint Brendan’s College.

At Saint Brendan’s College, the driving force in our school is the betterment of our students. Through the student council, we listen to our students. Hearing their voice allows us to provide our young people with an education and school experience which suits their needs.

The Student Council promotes leadership, citizenship and responsibility among our students and creates a sense of ownership for them when they know their voice is being heard and acted on.

It is the students themselves who elect council members. In this way the council is truly representative of the student community in the school.

The Student Council has taken a very active role in areas such as homework policy, uniform policy and Green Schools objectives.

The work of the council allows students in the school to learn about the democratic process, and about appropriate ways to effect change. Students learn to work with staff, the school institutions and the wider community, for the benefit of all.

The Goal of our Student Council is to act as a voice for students and to promote a sense of community and wellbeing within the school community. Students can learn skills which will serve them well in life after they leave school.

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