Mission Statement

Mission Statement

St. Brendan’s College is committed to providing the highest educational standards and opportunities for our students.  We believe in building a partnership between students, parents and teachers in our students’ educational and personal development. This will enable our students to reach their full potential and prepare them for participation as good citizens in society. Our school environment nurtures personal growth and encourages students to develop social awareness and civic responsibility.


We see the community of students and staff of St. Brendan’s College striving to attain the highest possible standards in education, social integration, extra-curricular activities and sport. We will do so in the context of a gathering of individuals who can work together as a community. In St. Brendan’s College, student wellbeing is deeply embedded in our culture. We are a school where each student and staff member will be respected and valued for who they are. Embracing each other’s diversity develops relationships and enriches life. The school community will work together in creating an enthusiastic and happy school environment in St. Brendan’s College. Our school will be a place that inspires learners and nurtures in them a passion for knowledge, so that they may pursue their dreams.


  1. We will provide a holistic educational experience for our students allowing them to reach their fullest potential as young people. We focus on the total development of each child; intellectual, physical, emotional, social, moral and spiritual.
  2. The environment in our school will always be a caring one. Students will empathise with and show compassion for each other. Students will feel safe in their surroundings. Our young people thrive when they feel safe, respected and appreciated.
  3. Student Voice will always be paramount in St. Brendan’s College. We will endeavour to foster an atmosphere where students feel empowered.
  4. Students and teachers will work collaboratively in a harmonious environment. A school community flourishes when there is open communication and cooperation. Working with and helping others benefits all, and leads to personal growth.
  5. St. Brendan’s College is an inclusive school and we believe in providing educational opportunities for a wide range of student abilities.
  6. Our students will be encouraged to be creative, resourceful, to analyse, evaluate and to engage in critical thinking.
  7. Our students will be given the fullest possible information when it comes to subject selection which will enable them to make informed choices when deciding on their future educational progression.
  8. We will advise and offer direction to our students as they progress through the various stages of their school journey; from when they enter the school as First Years, to Junior Cycle, to our Transition Year Programme and on to Leaving Certificate.
  9. We will recognise, applaud and reward student achievement.
  10. In St. Brendan’s College, we endeavour to be a distinguished learning community, committed to academic excellence and innovation.
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