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In February 2009 under the DEIS Scheme, St. Brendan’s College was granted a fulltime HSCL Coordinator. Mrs. Margaret Heffron is the current coordinator and took up the position in September 2019.

The underlying policy of the scheme is one that seeks to promote partnership between parents and teachers. The purpose of this partnership is to enhance pupil’s learning opportunities and to promote their retention in the educational system.

In addition, the HSCL Scheme places great emphasis on collaboration with the local community. Here in Erris, the HSCL coordinator is a member of the Erris Interagency Group, Mindspace Erris Outreach Committee and the Family Resource Development Committee. There is also a strong link with all the feeder schools in the area as well as local youth and sports clubs.  Our main professional contact for child and family support is TUSLA.

TUSLA Child and Family Agency provide a range of support services for families in Mayo.

Children First Information and Advice Officer Sandra Claxton 094 9042510
Common Sense Parenting Martina O’Kane 094 9025211
Mol an Oige Programme Louise 094 9042510
The Edge Project Teresa Quinn 094 9042510
Meitheal & The Child Family Support Networks Elaine English 087 2182156
Education Welfare Services Joanne Morrisey 094 9250199
094 9252675

The five goals of the H.S.C.L. Scheme focus on

  • Supporting marginalised pupils.
  • Promoting co-operation between home, school and community.
  • Empowering parents.
  • Retaining young people in the educational system.
  • Disseminating best practice.

Home visitation is at the heart of the HSCL Scheme’s focus on partnership. It promotes co-operation between the school and the home. It affirms the parents’ role as the primary educators. In reaching out to families the HSCL  coordinator represents the human face of the school and embodies a real expression of interest in the lives of the children entrusted to St. Brendan’s College. 

As part of HSCL, there is a Parents Room in the school which provides an easy, warm and welcoming forum for parents in realising their role as the primary educators of their children. Tea and coffee making facilities are available.  The parents meet with the HSCL coordinator and other members of the school community, who provide a valuable source of friendship, support, encouragement and reassurance.  The HSCL Coordinator links with the Year Heads in the school regarding the welfare of the students. 

The role of the coordinator is

  • Instil confidence.
  • Provide support and reassurance.
  • Break down negative attitudes and fears.
  • Encourage active parenting.
  • Help parents to develop their own skills and potential through involvement in school-related activities.

The Parents Room is also available to students who may wish to discuss  struggles or challenges they may be experiencing  in a confidential setting. 

A Care Team is also in place in the school which meets on a weekly basis. Its role is to support students who have needs which may be educational, emotional, psychological, medical or developmental in character. The idea of a team approach within the school is intended to bring all available resources of the school together to address, in a strategic and co-ordinated manner, the complex needs of students. Interventions can also agencies and support personnel from outside.  

We at St. Brendan’s College strive to make our school a welcoming and safe place for both students and parents.

We look forward to meeting you.
Margaret Heffron 

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