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A message from our Principal

Michael Walshe Principal of St Brendan's College Belmullet

Michael Walshe Principal

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit our website which will give you a snapshot of the types of activities that occur in the school. We have a very busy schedule each year and we are consistently enhancing the school experience by continuously introducing new activities and adding to our curriculum. 

We are very proud of our links with the local community and the partnerships which have been formed and fostered down through the years. Local businesses have provided our students with valued work experience and sponsorship. Indeed we owe the community a great debt of gratitude and we are eager to reciprocate. 

An outstanding feature of our school is the calm and caring atmosphere that permeates the school. The wellbeing of the student is firmly at the centre of our ethos and this can clearly be seen in the way we celebrate the students’ achievements. We believe in looking after our students to the very highest standard and the staff of St. Brendan’s College listens to our students and their parents thus maintaining open lines of communication which we believe is key to the achievement of a harmonious and high achieving school environment. 


Our programmes include Leaving Certificate, Junior Certificate and Transition Year which is an optional extra year post Junior Cert. The school curriculum has been subject to continuous review and we are happy that we have a living curriculum which can change with the demands of our student cohort depending on available resources. In recent years we have introduced Music and Technology as examination subjects and the Transition Year Programme as a response to the wishes of our students and their parents. 


The achievement of students in the State Examinations and their progression paths are two of the most important measures of a school’s academic success and we can report that in both of these areas we have had much success having a take up of up to one hundred per cent at higher level in many of our subjects.

This has the effect of ensuring progression for a large percentage of our students to further study and apprenticeships. 


St. Brendan’s College is fortunate to have a staff that is committed to ensuring a holistic education for the students of the school. To that end we have the greatest range of extracurricular activities possible. A look at the various sections of this website will enlighten you as to the extent of student engagement in sporting, community and academic activities. In addition our care team which meets weekly monitors the progress of each student and with the assistance of the Home School Community Liaison Officer and School Completion Programme Project Worker we ensure that all students and their parents are supported at every opportunity.

We are confident that in St. Brendan’s College you will find a welcoming and nurturing environment where members of the entire school community can thrive and grow to reach their full potential. 

Michael Walshe

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